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CryoCore_LogoMaster the process.  Whether you process via brazed aluminum heat exchangers (BAHX), platefin and kettle

(PFK), or cold boxes, CryoCore has your solution handled. Our systems allow you to process a variety of flows: gas-to-gas, gas-to-liquid, two-phase or any combination. With CryoCore each stream is optimally balanced both thermally and hydraulically, so you can run up to 15 streams in parallel or series with complete confidence. In the end you get lower capital and operating costs, and higher process performance.
Cost efficiency without compromise.

Exceptional heat exchanger performance starts with advanced engineering and manufacturing. Our systems are designed and built to rigorously high standards to ensure unwavering quality. Plus we have the production capacity to deliver on time. You get the solution you need right now and performance that lasts long term – a potent combination that delivers real cost-efficiency.

Smart from start to finish.

CryoCore1We manufacture the highest-quality BAHX systems, but that’s just the beginning of what we offer you. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that delivers exceptional efficiency and savings, and it starts long before a single fin is manufactured.
Our engineers work with you to build cost and operating benefits into the project up front. For example, our lightweight, compact designs save valuable plant real estate and support structure costs. And our system’s multiple-stream capacity reduces the need for complex components. Plus our advanced engineering assures that your pro- cess will work with our core designs.
Everything we do is geared toward boosting process efficiency, maximizing operating parameters, reducing lifecycle costs – and ultimately helping you achieve CAPEX and OPEX savings.

The relationship rules.

Our technology is unmatched. But it’s CryoCore people who make our technology truly valuable to you. We work Cryocore2closely with you through every step of your project to ensure your goals are met. We look for ways to trim days, if not weeks, from the delivery sched- ule, so you can get into production faster. We pre-validate solutions to assure smooth installation and startup with minimal or no callbacks.
To us, a strong relationship and satisfied customer is what success looks like. And we will stop at nothing short of your success.
Your Solution. Cold.
No matter what heat-exchanging application you’re pursuing, we’re likely already there. Our BAHX technological expertise covers everything from tried-and-true to cutting-edge.
Call us in on your next project. We’ll work with you through every phase, including conceptual drawings, engineering, project management of construction and instal- lation and follow-up support. In the end you’ll have much more than an outstanding BAHX system – you’ll have a high-performance, cost saving solution.