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Bay Coil provides a full line of air cooled heat exchangers for industrial and commercial applications.


Steam Coils:

  • Heating & Cooling Coils
  • Fin/Fan Air Coolers
  • Refrigeration Coils
  • Motor & Generator Coolers
  • Transformer Coolers
  • Bearing Coolers
  • Unit Heaters

Fin Types:

Bay Coil can offer extruded aluminum fins, spiral wound fins as well as plate fins for most applications. Each style of fin material has its own advantages and disadvantages and neither one is going to be correct for 100% of the applications that we work on.

pile_tubesExtruded Fins

Extruded Fins are extremely durable. The liner tube for extruded aluminum fins can be made of virtually any commercially available material, though the most common materials are Carbon Steel, 304 & 316SS, 90/10 CuNi and Copper. The liner tube is inserted into an aluminum sleeve that is then run through the extruding process producing the fin shape with anywhere from 4 to 14 fins per inch. Because the fins are extruded, they are extremely strong and hold up well to aggressive cleaning such as pressure washing. The extruding process also produces a mechanical bond between the aluminum fins and the liner tube, eliminating the possibility of corrosion between the liner tube and the fin material. The thermal efficiency of this type of finned tube is stable in long term applications, and unlike wrapped on fins or plate fins there will be no loss of bond between the fins and the liner tube. Extruded fin tubes can be positioned in any geometry within the coil to reach the design requirements. As the tubes are not connected to each other by the fin material, individual tubes can be replaced if damaged.


Plate Fins

The plate fin style of coil construction is both thermally efficient and cost effective. Plate fins are stamped from Aluminum, Copper or Stainless Steel and can either be flat or have an embossed pattern to improve efficiency. Typically, plate fins are used in commercial and clean industrial applications, as mechanically cleaning the air side of the coil is more difficult than with an extruded finned tube. The fins are stamped with the tube spacing and are not as robust as an extruded style.

Steam Coils


Bay Coil offers custom built steam coils for new installations as well as replacement of existing coils. Coils are available for either horizontal or vertical steam flow. Bay Coil also offers steam distributing coils for non-freeze applications where air entering the coil may be below freezing. Bay Coil can match casing dimensions and connection locations with virtually any coil that needs replacing.

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