Hyspan Canada - Brought to you by Bay Industrial.


Bay Industrial is Canada’s best supplier of Hyspan product, with a team of highly skilled reps to provide you with the best level of sales and service.  Hyspan maintains a staff of engineers and quality personnel experienced in the design, development and testing of metal bellows expansion joints, packed slip expansion joints and ball joints for industrial applications including the most severe operating and environmental conditions. Company standards and registrations include the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code including a “U” stamp, the European Pressure Equipment Directive and the Canadian Boiler and Pressure Vessel Registration.


Bay Industrial Leading supplier of Hyspan Expansion Joints.

HYSPAN offers in house Piping & complex component stress analysis using INTERGRAPH®, Caesar II® and ANSYS DesignSpace Finite Element Analysis®

  • BELLOWS JOINTS Ø1” to Ø40 Ft – 300+ PSIG, Cryogenic to 1500+° F., Stainless Steels and Alloys – Axial & Offset – Thermal Motion, Vibration & Stress Reduction
  • SLIP JOINTS Ø1-1/4” to Ø48+” – Perma-Pax® — 600+ PSIG, 500+° F. Graphite Packing,– 5 Year Warranty
  • BRAIDED HOSE Ø1/8” to Ø34” – 150+ PSIG, 500+ °F., Stainless Steels and Alloys for Hose & Braid – Straight, “V”, and “L” – Jacketed – Lined – Cased
  • BALL JOINTS Ø1/2” to Ø36+” – 7,000 PSIG – Cryogenic to 500+° F. Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloys – 5Year Warranty

*Bay Industrial Represents Hyspan for the Four Western Provinces*

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