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Cain Industries

Cain__Industries_CanadaSince 1978, Cain Industries has dedicated itself to the exclusive production of combustion exhaust heat transfer products. Successful experience, lowering fuel costs and reducing pollution, makes Cain the first choice for both the retrofit and OEM client.


Cain Industries sets itself apart from the competition by producing products to serve the broad spectrum of the combustion retrofit markets:

– Gas and Diesel Cogeneration
– Boiler Exhaust
– Fume Incineration

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REHAU_CanadaRemote energy centers, often using renewable energy sources such as geothermal, biomass or combined heat and power, are increasingly employed in multi-building projects. These facilities offer efficient heating and cooling solutions, but are usually located outside of the buildings where the energy is needed. As a result, ensuring minimal temperature change between the energy center and the buildings is an important design consideration.

REHAU pre-insulated PEX piping is specially designed for the efficient transfer of hot or chilled fluid through buried pipelines. Comprising PEXa pipes surrounded by insulation and a protective outer jacket, this high-performance piping system allows you to take advantage of the energy efficiency of a remote energy center while minimizing energy loss in the piping process.

REHAU pre-insulated PEX piping is ideal for distribution in local community heating and cooling applications, industrial and agricultural geothermal applications, snow and ice melting applications as well as in process and hydronic piping systems.

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Hydro Thermal

hydrothermal_300wHydro Thermal manufactures Direct Steam Injection fluid heating solutions. Replace your heat exchanger or sparger with a Hydroheater, or EZ Heater in your CIP process to eliminate costly maintenance downtime, maintain hot water on-demand and decrease batch times. It’s time to stop worrying about USDA regulations by optimizing your process with direct steam injection.

Hydro Thermal Hot water sets incorporating direct steam injection EZ Heaters are furnished with skid-mounted piping assembly and components along with optional controls, training and start-up services. Improve your product quality by eliminating burn-on or hard water scaling with an EZ Heater hot water set.

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Tower Tech Cooling Towers

towertechlogo_230wTower Tech, manufacturer of the world’s most efficient cooling tower. Tower Tech’s patented Modular Cooling Tower has been specified by more than a thousand discerning users who demand the greatest process efficiency and the best reliability and built-in redundancy. Click here for the sales video to learn more about the cost-saving technology and to hear what customers are saying about Tower Tech.

  • Highest efficiency cooling tower
  • Most Efficient HVAC cooling tower
  • Most Efficient Process cooling tower
  • Most Efficient Power generation cooling tower

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nestecNESTEC, Inc. is a full service equipment design firm specializing in solutions for plant emission issues, including:

  • Regenerative, Catalytic, and Recuperative thermal oxidation systems
  • Ozone emissions from Corona treat systems
  • Process duct design and installations
  • Particulate control systems, including scrubbers and wet electrostatic precipitators
  • Capture (PTE) enclosure design
  • Aftermarket services including; equipment inspections, system upgrades and repairs, utility reviews and optimization, used equipment, and project management, and oversight

The benefit of working with NESTEC, Inc. is that we bring over 25 years of experience in the environmental field to every project. When the project is complete, the system is maintained and serviced by experienced NESTEC, Inc. technicians familiar with your process, equipment and training requirements.

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