Delta T Thermal Solutions

 With over 100 years of combined heat exchange knowledge experience, Delta T Thermal Solution staff can answer your heat exchange questions. We are the EXCLUSIVE global manufacturer of the PLATECOIL®, MAXCHANGER®, and ECONOCOIL® heat exchanger product lines.

Headquartered in Wichita Falls, Texas, our facility is equipped for designing and manufacturing these unique product lines. PLATECOIL®, MAXCHANGER®, and ECONOCOIL® heat exchangers are versatile, flexible, and cost-effective to meet a wide range of applications. These highly efficient prime surface heat exchangers replace costly, unwieldy pipecoil, steam sparging, or expensive resistive heating elements. Also, high internal flow velocities of these heat exchangers generate effective heat transfer rates.

Delta T Thermal Solutions is a Sharp Iron Group company. Sharp Iron Group consists of three commonly owned companies employing over 150 people. The group features complimentary manufacturing businesses, each with its own distinct core competencies, products, and customer base.


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