Advanced Freeze Protection Systems

Heat-Line brought to you by Bay Industrial freeze protection systems.

Heat-Line is an award winning company that specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced heating cable and water pipe freeze protection solutions for the residential and commercial/ industrial markets. Heat-Line systems are constructed with the highest quality self-regulating/conductive polymer, auto-therming heating cables and components. This provides installers and users with reliable, safe, long lasting, and energy efficient products that are supported by highly experienced support staff and product technicians with real world expertise. Heat-Line offers numerous products for freeze protection applications including cottages, cabins, homes, municipal water supply, resorts, farms, mines, oil and gas industry, trailer parks, transportation vehicles,emergency service vehicles, pumper trucks, recreational vehicles, and off-grid (solar/wind). Want to turn a seasonal vacation home into a year-round residence? Heat-Line has the reliable energy efficient products to do just that. Heat-Line believes there is a solution to every freeze protection problem…