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  • Self Operating Temperature Control Valves & Regulators
  • Pressure and Temperature Instruments
  • Air operated 2 & 3 way control valves
  • Equal to Taylor and WE Anderson Valves

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Hydro Thermal

hydrothermal_300wHydro Thermal manufactures Direct Steam Injection fluid heating solutions for process heating and sanitary applications. Replace your heat exchanger or sparger with a Hydroheater, or EZ Heater, in your CIP process to eliminate costly maintenance downtime, maintain hot water on-demand and decrease batch times. It’s time to stop worrying about USDA regulations by optimizing your process with direct steam injection.

Hydro Thermal Hot water sets incorporating direct steam injection EZ Heaters are furnished with skid-mounted piping assembly and components along with optional controls, training and start-up services. Improve your product quality by eliminating burn-on or hard water scaling with an EZ Heater hot water set.

Use Hydro Thermal EZ Heater instead of heat exchangers or spargers to get:

  • Exceptional energy saving
  • Precise temperature control
  • Instantaneous hot water from 2 to 600 gpm [7.5 l/m – 2.2 kl/m]
  • Large temperature rise
  • Heavy duty 316 stainless
  • Self cleaning
  • Exceptional turn-down ratio
  • Quiet, hammer free
  • Space savings
  • Reduced maintenance

EZ Heater® is the most efficient and easy to use process water heating steam valve available on the market. Use it for utility or process water heating in multiple applications. This patented steam valve uses 100% of the steam’s energy to heat water and replaces heat exchangers, spargers, and multiple steam/water mixing tee stations.

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Watson McDaniel


  • Steam Traps
  • Condensate Pumps & Systems
  • Liquid Drainers
  • Vacuum Breakers & Air Vents
  • Pressure & Temperature Regulators

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