Trerice – Instrumentation and Regulators


Bay Industrial Western Canada’s leading supplier of heat transfer equipment is proud to be offering the Trerice brand for over 20 years. Please contact us to get a quote. Since 1923 the H.O. Trerice Co. has consistently produced the most “Complete Line” of instrumentation and controls available to industry. Trerice has achieved this while maintaining an international reputation for excellence in product design and quality
of Trerice Products.


Bay Industrial which has offices in Vancouver BC and Calgary AB, is a leading supplier of pressure gauges, Thermometers, Regulators and Control Valves. We have a gauge for you even if you are replacing an Ashcroft, Hyett, ITT Conoflow, Mansfield & Green, Mykrolis, P I Components, U.S. Gauge, Weiss, Weksler or Zavoda. Let our staff help you cross-reference other major brands.

Pressure Gauges Temperature Instrumentation Regulators and Control Valves
Trerice-0-200-PSI-Flanged-Pressure-Gauge-1-4-NPT Trerice_Digital_9inch Trerice_Regulator

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