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You will find solutions for ALL your heat transfer needs within our specialized product lines

 Laser Welding


Laser welding has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective solution to conventional welded heat transfer surfaces with millions of square feet in operation today. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high quality products while saving our customers time and money. Our CNC operated laser welding machines achieve accuracy and allow flexibility that is unmatched by any other heat transfer welding process.

Imagine a heating or cooling surface that is specifically designed for your application, with calculated process considerations that have been ignored or un-controlled by conventional welding operations in the past. Now, imagine that this quality and assurance could be yours at no additional cost. This is the foundation of how Bay laser welded surface has excelled in the heat transfer industry. We offer all our customers the convenience of on staff engineers to assist with any process questions or concerns that may arise.


heattranssurfacesSingle embossed panels are ideal for any application where a flat sanitary surface is required. Single embossed panels are utilized heavily for the process tank and cooling table / conveyor industries.

Double embossed plates are idea for any process cooling or heating applications where sanitary surfaces are not required.


All laser welded assemblies offer an option of a partial or full ASME “U” stamp

Tank Components

tankcomponentsProduct advantages:

–  Better performance
–  Better quality
–  Extended life

Manufacturing advantages:

–  Increased productivity
–  Reduced fabrication costs


Step1 – Laser welding

Laser welding tank components is a process of attaching a top sheet (inflated side) to a bottom sheet (shell side). This welding is done with no alterations to the product side of the bottom such as pocking, pitting, or discoloration. Any protective covering on the product side of the sheet can be left in place during welding and removed after tank fabrication is complete

formingStep 2 – Forming

The laser welded panels are then shipped to the customer for forming into shells and heads. There are no additional requirements for forming laser welded jacketed material. Heads can be formed as ASME dished or coned shapes.

nozzleStep 3 – Nozzle installation and inflation

After shell fabrication, nozzle installation and inflation can take place. There are two methods that can be used: 1) Inflate jacket with quill and install nozzles after (utilizing the same techniques for nozzle installation as preformed jackets) or 2) Install and inflate through nozzles. The inflation process is very simple and each design will be given a proper inflation pressure and pillow height.


Fabricated Assemblies

Bay Thermo Products manufactures a large variety of fabricated assemblies with many standard designs to choose from. All assemblies are built utilizing laser welded heat transfer surface, Which insures uniformity with multi-piece assemblies.

Bay specializes in custom design fabrication and direct equipment replacements. All assemblies are available with many material, finish, and design options

Layout 1       bayonet_heaters      immersion-plate

Clamp-On Jackets                                                        Bayonet Heaters                                                                  Immersion Plates


Layout 1       plate-bank-assembly       single-embossed-assembly

Specialty Assemblies                                                    Plate Bank Assemblies                                                               Single Embossed Assemblies


Bay Line of heat transfer surfaces can be crafted into an almost unlimited number of styles, including immersion and clamp-on-sections and custom products, including Geo-Thermal.

Call us today and discuss how we can improve your entire heat transfer process.


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