MSS – Trerice

Trerice – Specification Sheets


Process Gauges

icon-pdf-24x24450 Series


Industrial Gauges

icon-pdf-24x24500X Series

icon-pdf-24x24575SS Field Test Gauge

icon-pdf-24x24700 Series

icon-pdf-24x24D80 Series



Commercial and Contractor Gauges

icon-pdf-24x24600CB Cast Aluminum Case 

icon-pdf-24x24610CB Glass Filled Nylon Case

icon-pdf-24x24620B Stainless Steel Case

icon-pdf-24x24690 Series Multiple Stainless Steel Case Styles


Utility Gauges

icon-pdf-24x24800B Series Dry Black Finished Steel Case

icon-pdf-24x24800LFB Liquid Filled Plastic Case

icon-pdf-24x24Test Gauges For Gas or Water Service


Specialty Gauges


icon-pdf-24x24765B / 766SS

icon-pdf-24x24750 Series



icon-pdf-24x24Special Application Ranges


Pressure Gauge Options and Accessories

icon-pdf-24x24Optional Case Styles

icon-pdf-24x24Optional Features



Diaphragm Seals



icon-pdf-24x24In-Line Threaded


icon-pdf-24x24Drop-in Welded

icon-pdf-24x24Mini & Compact


icon-pdf-24x24Options & Accessories


Temperature Instrumentation


Industrial Thermometers

icon-pdf-24x24Design and Operation

icon-pdf-24x24SX9 Solar Therm • Light-Powered Digital

icon-pdf-24x24Adjustable Angle Series

icon-pdf-24x24Rigid Stem Series

icon-pdf-24x24BX Plus Series with Integrated RTD

icon-pdf-24x24Hydro-Therm Series

icon-pdf-24x24Econo-Therm Series

icon-pdf-24x24Options and Accessories

icon-pdf-24x24Thermowells for Industrial Thermometers

icon-pdf-24x24Thermowells for Econo Thermometers


Dial Thermometers

icon-pdf-24x24Design & Operation

icon-pdf-24x24Remote Mounted 3 ½” Stainless Steel Case

icon-pdf-24x24Remote Mounted 4 ½” – 8 ½” Aluminum Case

icon-pdf-24x24Direct Mounted 4 ½” & 6″ Universal Angle

icon-pdf-24x24Direct Mounted 3 ½” & 4 ½” Adjustable Angle

icon-pdf-24x24Thermal System Selection

icon-pdf-24x24Temperature Ranges

icon-pdf-24x24Options and Accessories

icon-pdf-24x24Thermowells for Dial Thermometers


Bimetal Thermometers

icon-pdf-24x24Design & Operation

icon-pdf-24x24Adjustable Angle

icon-pdf-24x24Bottom Connect

icon-pdf-24x24Rear Connect




icon-pdf-24x24Economy Bimetal

icon-pdf-24x24Bimetal Plus with Integrated Sensor

icon-pdf-24x24Options and Accessories -Bi-Metals


icon-pdf-24x24Thermowells for Bimetal Thermometers


Eletronic Temperature Sensors

icon-pdf-24x24RTD & Thermocouple Sensors

icon-pdf-24x24Options and Accessories

icon-pdf-24x24Digital Temperature Indicator TRD16 Series

icon-pdf-24x24Indicator Selector Switch TRS16 Series

icon-pdf-24x24Thermowells for Sensors



icon-pdf-24x24Design & Operation

icon-pdf-24x24Industrial Thermometers

icon-pdf-24x24Econo Thermometers

icon-pdf-24x24Dial Thermometers

icon-pdf-24x24Bimetals, Thermocouples & RTDs

icon-pdf-24x24Options and Accessories

Regulators and Control Valves


Temperature Regulators

icon-pdf-24x24Design & Operation

icon-pdf-24x2491000 Series – (91000, 91400, 91600)

icon-pdf-24x24Thermowells for 91000 Series

icon-pdf-24x24Thermal System Selection for 91000 Series

icon-pdf-24x24Valve Bodies for 91000 & 91400

icon-pdf-24x24Valve Bodies for 91600

icon-pdf-24x2491000XT Series Tank Thermostat


Pressure Regulators

icon-pdf-24x24921 Series (High Capacity)


icon-pdf-24x24995 Series (Steam, Water, Air, Oil)

icon-pdf-24x241100 Series (Pipeline Strainer)



icon-pdf-24x24Design & Operation

icon-pdf-24x24TR890 Series Electronic PID Controller

icon-pdf-24x24L84000 SeriesElectronic Contact Controller

icon-pdf-24x24Thermal System Selection for L84000

icon-pdf-24x24Thermowells for L84000


Controller Accessories

icon-pdf-24x24Solenoid Valve (960 Series)

icon-pdf-24x24I/P Transducer (TA901)

icon-pdf-24x24Air Filter / Regulator (TA987)

icon-pdf-24x24Solid State Relay (TA600)

icon-pdf-24x24Enclosure (TA302)

icon-pdf-24x24Temperature Sensors (RTD & Thermocouple)

icon-pdf-24x24Thermowells for Temperature Sensors


Control Valves

icon-pdf-24x24Design & Operation

icon-pdf-24x24910 Series Compact Control Valve

icon-pdf-24x24910 Valve Body • Bronze (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24910 Valve Body • Bronze (Double Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24910 Valve Body • Cast Iron (Double Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24910 Valve Body • Cast Steel (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24910 Valve Body • Stainless Steel (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24910TB Valve Body • Bronze

icon-pdf-24x24910TB 3-Way Valve • Bronze

icon-pdf-24x24910TB 3-Way Valve • Cast Iron

icon-pdf-24x24910TB 3-Way Valve • Stainless Steel

icon-pdf-24x24910EPA & 910EPC Valve Body • Bronze (Equal Percentage)

icon-pdf-24x24940 Series • Heavy-Duty Control Valve

icon-pdf-24x24940 Valve Body • Bronze (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24940 Valve Body • Cast Iron (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24940 Valve Body • Cast Iron (Double Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24940 Valve Body • Stainless Steel (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24940 3-Way Valve • Bronze

icon-pdf-24x24940 3-Way Valve • Cast Iron

icon-pdf-24x24940 3-Way Valve • Stainless Steel

icon-pdf-24x24940E Series • Electric Motor Control Valve

icon-pdf-24x24940E Valve Body • Bronze (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24940E Valve Body • Cast Iron (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24940E Valve Body • Cast Iron (Double Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24940E Valve Body • Stainless Steel (Single Seat)

icon-pdf-24x24940E 3-Way Valve • Bronze

icon-pdf-24x24940E 3-Way Valve • Cast Iron

icon-pdf-24x24940E 3-Way Valve • Stainless Steel

icon-pdf-24x24Technical Information